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Making an axe handle is an old skill from long before you could purchase a pre- finished handle from the hardware store. Use this guide to. Making a Replacement Axe or Hatchet Handle: While visiting my Grandparents in the Prairies of Canada, I came across one of my Grandpa's old hewing hatchet. Worst case: You're in the backcountry and are forced to lean sticks against a rock and jump on them to chop them. Here's how to make your own axe handle.

For those of you who would like to make your own handle(s) out of wood for that axe head that is laying around. I have put together a little how. Axe heads always outlast their wood handles. Here's how to carve a replacement handle from a dry log. and screw, close-up One Thing You Should Never Do with a Screwdriver · image Pliers Make a Great Stocking Stuffer. Few people trust themselves to fit a new handle, or haft, to an axe. If you would like to make your own axe haft, which really is not difficult with a draw knife, use.

this tells you how to make an axe handle the next post tells you how to fit it quickly and easily.

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