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What About Bob: When clients rather than therapists violate therapeutic boundaries. The movie depicts the following three ethical or boundary considerations. What About Bob is a great, and comedic, example of a dysfunctional and inappropriate patient-psychiatrist relationship. Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) has “ problems”. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Ethical Issues In What About Bob.

In , Bill Murray introduced us to the phobia-prone Bob Wiley, diagnosed with “multi-phobic personality characterized by acute separation. When Dr. Marvin is first contacted about Bob, Bob's former therapist seems to be rushing to get out of town, assumed to be getting away from. Leo makes the mistake of answering Bob's inappropriate questions about his family during the first few seconds of the meeting: Bob is there as.

The biggest ethical issue is that the characters in both situations cross the line between the patient-therapist relationship into a personal. Unfortunately, the movie also demonstrates how not to be an ethical psychiatrist Lots of material to analyze – ethical issues in treatment? .. What About Bob. What About Bob? is a American black comedy film directed by Frank Oz and starring Bill Bob Wiley is a good-natured man with great work ethic, but he suffers from multiple Believing the explosives to be props and used as a metaphor for his problems, Bob applies Leo's "Baby Steps" approach and manages to free. Throughout the movie, Bob tries various ways to reach Dr. Marvin during .. many areas in which questions are brought up that deal with ethics.

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