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Cooking Channel serves up this Pastelles recipe from Roger Mooking plus many other recipes at xmbdeuqu.cf Trinidadian Meat Pastelles () Once the dough has rested, make 24 equal-size balls, approximately the size of an ice cream scoop. . Father's Day Brunch, Southern Comfort-Style 12 Photos. Pastelles are another favourite at Christmas time. Caribbean Pot has a great video on how to make pastelles and we've how to make pastelles trinidad style · pastelle recipe trinidad · how to make pastelles · trini pastelle. Tags: caribbean christmas recipes, chow chow, food from trinidad and tobago, how to make pastelle, pastelle recipe from trinidad, pastelles.

Wendy Rahamut. Pastelles are a traditional Trini Christmas delicacy and one I absolutely love. They are easy to prepare however a little time. Promasa cornmeal flour, my favourite when making pastelle The other popular pastelle we make in Trinidad is the flour pastelle you could check out that .. Don 't like PR pastelles, prefer Trini style as that's what I'm used to. You are here: Home / Recipes / Trinidad Cornmeal Pastelle Combine cornmeal, water, salt, and butter to make a soft pliable dough.

Trini Pastelle is the brain child of Michelle Nurse- St Luce, she is the daughter of a master Pastelle maker from the island of Trinidad who migrated to Brooklyn. Cornmeal dough and pastelle assembly. Ingredients 2 cups yellow cornmeal 3 cups warm water (not tepid, lukewarm or room temperature. If in doubt boil the.

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