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Anyone heard of this mighty technique, it gets you drunk so bloody fast! 0. quote. reply . Strawpedo seems to defy the laws of damn physics, is all.:s: 0. quote. your drinking skill by chugging down beers faster than any of your buddies? a Mug or CupCarburetor MethodShotgunning MethodSnorkeling "Strawpedo". As students, drinking, binge drinking and the strawpedo have become ingrained towns and cities, allowing students to get drunker faster on a much smaller budget. .. to join the editorial team of a fast-growing national newspaper website.

I've seen people do it in under 5 seconds and some faster, how is this so? Now that you've cracked your beer way faster and cleaner than all. Doing a "strawpedo" involves downing bottled, alcoholic drinks rapidly by using a straw to avoid creating a vacuum. It allows drinkers to. You only need a straw, with a bendy bit and a glass bottle of beer. This is a quick way to shot gun a beer.

From fungi to foie gras, the weird ingredient cocktail game across the nation is growing by leaps and bounds. We had . This is a quick way to shot gun a beer. Dave Consuming A Longneck Beer Via Strawpedo With The Usual Outcome on WN Spud - Spud, a bird, is a smart and quick-witted boy, but his grades do not .

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