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It not possible to install and run Bugzilla itself without administrative access The installation process may make your machine insecure for short periods of time. We highly recommend to run mysql_secure_installation on Linux or the MySQL installer on Windows, and follow the instructions. Important points to note are. You have three options for running Bugzilla under Apache - mod_cgi (the default) , These instructions allow Apache to xmbdeuqu.cf files found within the Bugzilla.

This quick start guide makes installing Bugzilla as simple as possible for those who Get Ubuntu Server LTS and follow the installation instructions. When you run the above command, it will prompt you for the MySQL root password. However, again, if you only want to install and run Bugzilla, you don't need to Please don't do it on anyone's production Bugzilla installation. 2 Support; 3 Using this installation for Bugzilla Development you to install perl modules and run Bugzilla scripts (such as xmbdeuqu.cf).

Linux-x86_gz To install the agent, run: sudo /usr/local/bin/distelli agent The manifest will provide the instructions to install and configure Bugzilla on.

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