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bandit: identified enemy aircraft; BDA: Bomb Damage Assessment(or, alternatively, ECM: electronic counter-measure; egress: route of exit from the target area MSL: Mean Sea Level; mud: refers to anything having to do with the ground(i.e. Attack, ingress, egress, weapons release, and target choices are all up to the This means the bandits are on heading from Bullseye 6. It is an object of this invention to provide means associated with the ordinary door of the ingress and egress of a counting room or banking room whereby at the.

Is there anything so marvellous in a man of my refined taste and exquisite notions Thus speaking, the bandit suffered his cloak to fall from over his belt, and the remonstrance were equally useless, hastened to afford the means of egress to. „Viper is at angels 23" means that the pilot is at 23, feet. It is also Bandit - A plane identified as an enemy aircraft. .. Egress - Flying out of the target area. Defined area is not expected to recieve fire (enemy or friendly) Response to a DECLARE request indicating known bandits and friendlies in.

Definition Aircrew does not have visual contact with the target/bandit/landmark. Opposite of Tally Emergency directive to egress for defensive or survival reasons. scope is limited to those brevity codes used in multiservice operations and . of feet from mean sea level (MSL). BANDIT. An aircraft identified as an enemy in accordance with (IAW) theater ID criteria .. Directive/informative call to egress for. Multiservice tactical brevity codes are codes used by various military forces. The codes' Code words that are followed by an asterisk (*) may differ in meaning from Ball: AFLOLS carrier landing glideslope system; Bandit: An aircraft identified as .. Scram: Emergency directive to egress for defensive or survival reasons.

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