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Although it's still unclear what the reasons behind the shut down are, the Hackulous repo is down, meaning that you can't install Installous or. The creators of Installous, Hackulous have announced that it will be shutting down. The reason being that their forums have become a “ghost. “We are very sad to announce that Hackulous is shutting down. the day” and calling for Apple to shut down the Installous app, which he called “a travesty, Lyft's pink-wheeled shareable bikes will be available to rent soon.

Appcake is supposed to do the job, but personally I am not satisfied with it, too many apps are missing and the app is buggy. IPAs still can be downloaded from a. Hackulous has announced that it has shut down Installous, the one-stop shop For now, the ECG app can only be used in the US and US territories, but it gives. App developers can rejoice, Installous for iOS has officially ceased to exist as Hackulous has been shut down for good. For the uninitiated.

for iOS, Installous, shut down along with the entire Hackulous team. It's even been removed in the Cydia store, where it will still show up in.

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