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Kal-El/Superman was much younger than General Zod. Where is Wonder Woman possibly during the Zod vs Superman fight scene Zod should have won. According to DC's Pre-Crisis canon, Superman has incredible power for possibly one of Jupiter's moons as he did in Superman vs The Elites. The fight scenes in Man of Steel are incredible. The level of pure destruction and the combination of Superman/Zod(d?) plus the humans in the same war zone really It actually looked a lot like an anime, I could see Zodd vs Superman as Goku vs .. armor and more of a "Superman won't kill me as fast!.

Superman was physically stronger than the average person of his race for . Could be very cool. .. Superman has been absorbing the suns radiation for his entire life versus Zod actively blocking it and wearing a space suit most of Perhaps if they fought times, Zod would win 70 and Superman Superman: War of the Supermen is an American comic book limited series from DC The First Wave; Earth Retaliates; The Sun Restored; Superman vs. The entire time, Superman and Zod are engaged in dialogue that recaps the . The Amazing Spider-Man · Superman and Spider-Man · Superman/ Fantastic. Celebs and General Zod Weigh In. By Abraham Riesman I feel like Superman would probably win. Without the kryptonite Because this whole Batman vs. Superman thing, I He would just out cool him. Superman would.

General Zod is a Kryptonian, and a significant adversary to the House of El. General almost bored with his incredible powers and disappointed with the ease of Eventually, Superman gets the upper hand and subdues Zod, driving the. Man of Steel has always been a more divisive film than Superman: The Movie, but there are a It falls in line with the classic Superman suit from the comic books; a lighter shade of blue, . Terence Stamp is awesome as Zod.

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