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Windows 8 allows third-party browser to replace Internet Explorer in the Metro environment — except on Windows RT. You can use Google. Windows 8 will ship with the Metro version of Internet Explorer as well as Unfortunately, the immersive version is the default web browser and. How to get Metro Mode back for Internet Explorer in Windows 8. 10 in Desktop Mode after setting a third-party browser as the system default.

How to Use the Internet Explorer Metro App on Windows the upgrade to came with a bunch of new features that makes browsing on Internet Explorer . Windows 8 comes with two flavors of Internet Explorer 10, one for the Metro UI and one for the desktop. If you don't care to deal with either. If you run Windows 8 on a desktop PC you are going to want to tweak Internet Explorer to avoid the Metro version of the browser.

Is there a way to use others browsers in the IE in metro mode? 9 comments Chrome has a Windows 8 mode, but it truly sucks compared to IE. For better or worse, IE10 is one of those Windows 8 apps with a split Microsoft dubs it a "Metro style enabled desktop browser," which means. Mozilla, Google commit to Metro browsers for Windows 8 meaning you can run Firefox as a desktop application, and you can run it as a Metro. The other catch is that once you set Firefox Aurora (Metro) as your default browser, you won't be able to launch and run Internet Explorer Metro.

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